American Sign Language Interpreter

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Some of the Basics of Becoming an American Sign Language Interpreter

American Sign Language interpreters work closely with the Deaf community to help individuals with hearing loss participate in the hearing world. Interpreters must be fluent in American Sign Language, and in many cases become nationally certified before working.
Some interpreters learn sign language growing up with Deaf family members, but many interpreters learn the language in college. Students must interact with the Deaf community, attend language labs, demonstrate proficiency in the language and take classes in the ethics of interpreting.

Organizations for American Sign Language Interpreters

The National Association of the Deaf and the Register of Interpreters for the Deaf work together to administer a certification test. Previously, these two organizations had two separate tests: One for interpreters who use English-based sign languages and one for American Sign Language. Today, only one test is offered. To receive certification, a written, oral and practical test must be passed. Applicants can earn one of three levels: National Interpreter Certification (NIC) , NIC Advanced and NIC Master. As of June 2012, all new hearing people who take the test must have a bachelor’s degree. In 2016, everyone, including deaf people, must have a bachelor’s degree to become certified. Special certifications are available for deaf and hard-of-hearing interpreters.
An American Sign Language interpreter can work in many settings. Some interpreters work in courts. Others work in K-12 schools and colleges. Hospitals and other medical facilities need interpreters. Many interpreters work for agencies and go to different venues every day.
Being an American Sign Language interpreter is a rewarding experience. Interpreters are skilled professionals with national recognition who can work in many different areas. Many interpreters also choose to volunteer their time in the Deaf community.