ASL Interpreter Jobs

Kinds of ASL Interpreter Jobs Available for Interpreters Today In the Workplace

Interpreters work in a wide variety of settings. Some of the most common settings for ASL interpreter jobs include educational, medical, legal, business, video relay service and government situations. Each setting within the interpreting field requires specialized knowledge to work. Training to work in the various interpreting fields can be received by attending college courses, reading reference materials, attending workshops, or being mentored. In some states certain certifications are required in order to work at all in the state as an interpreter or a specific certification may be required to work in a specific field, such as the educational and legal fields. Kinds of employment range from full-time, part-time, to freelance only. Full-time or part-time employment can be gained by most interpreters working in the educational field, particularly K-12 levels, as well as in the video relay service setting. Interpreters desiring to work as freelancers may work independently or through an interpreting or translation agency. Interpreting agencies typically provide interpreters for a wide variety of settings. The newest kind of employment for interpreters has been in the video relay service field as the service began in the early 2000s.

Kinds of ASL Interpreter Jobs Available at A-Sign Interpreters

For those looking for ASL interpreter jobs, at A-Sign Interpreters we are are always looking to expand our nationwide network of sign language interpreters. We have interpreters working in a wide variety of settings, whether it be legal, medical, educational, business, or government. We are looking for experienced interpreters who are striving to do their best in the interpreting profession and provide a great interpreting experience for both our hearing and deaf clients. If you would like to work with A-Sign Interpreters as a freelance interpreter you can fill out a form at this link.