Business Interpreter

At A-Sign Interpreters we provide business interpreters for all kinds of business settings. If your organization is need of a business interpreter, fill out an interpreter request form for free quote.

What Business Interpreters Do

A business interpreter is someone who interprets information from one language to another in a business setting. How the interpretation occurs will depend on the needs of the business as well as the skill set of the interpreter.

For example, a business interpreter can work at a business during a conference call or a business meeting interpreting live information from one person to another. The interpreter may be called upon to translate both sides of the conversation or simply one side of a conversation.

Another thing that an interpreter can do is translate documents from one language to another. This requires the interpreter to have the ability to both read and speak the language in which he or she is hired to interpret. Often, this type of work is referred to as translation rather than an interpretetation, but it does depend on the skill set of the interpreter.

In many cases, a business interpreter will do their work from the location that desires his or her services. This can be a board room, an office or even a hotel or a convention center.

There are those situations where the interpreter can work from home. This is often the case when the interpretation is only required for audio needs. For example, if a businessperson calls someone from another country and needs an interpreter for the phone call then the business translation services can be conducted via the telephone.

Jobs for Business Interpreters

Interpreters are usually found through services that contract individuals for specific jobs. Some companies sign long-term contracts with their interpreters while others work on a job to job basis. Interpreters can choose to work specifically for a company that will only find them jobs based in a business setting.