Certified Sign Language Interpreter

At A-Sign Interpreters we provide certified sign language interpreters for a wide variety of settings. If your organization needs a certified sign language interpreter, please fill out an interpreter request form for a free quote.

The Need for Certified Sign Language Interpreters

There will always be a great need for a certified sign language interpreters. It’s a specialized profession that requires more than knowing the specifics of sign language. One has to be able to listen and ‘speak’ simultaneously, capturing nuances and context. A simple misstep or misuse of a word can give someone’s statement a completely different meaning.

Requirements for Working as a Certified Sign Language Interpreter

Often, to keep a consistent and intelligent flow of conversation, a sign language interpreter might need familiarity with the speakers or subject matter. A lack of knowledge could be detrimental to conveying statements, especially if they need to finish speakers’ thoughts.

It also requires an individual with ethics. Communications often need to be kept confidential, requiring the certified sign language interpreter be above reproach. Interpreters need to understand and protect the confidentiality and independence of the information they’re given access to. If the persons involved don’t trust their interpreter, how can they speak freely?

There are state by state regulations that govern the requirements to becoming a sign language interpreter. Many have received formal training through college and universities. Most interpreters started in the home actually. Living with a hearing impaired family member and grew up signing. Otherwise, there’ll have to be some history in the field.

Interpreting agencies for the most part will only hire employees with at least three to five years of experience. This can be attained by working with the deaf. Of course being bilingual is an incredible benefit to becoming a certified sign language interpreter.

There are resources on the web for finding schools that offer the proper training. One can also seek out opportunities through the church or community centers.