Certified Translation Services

At A-Sign Interpreters we provide certified translation services. If you would like to request an interpreter for your organization, please fill out an interpreter request form.

Uses for Certified Translation Services

There are many reasons an individual or business may need certified translation services. More and more companies are conducting business across borders, and many people immigrate from one country to another. The range of documents that need translation is wide and growing. More and more businesses are appearing that offer translation services to meet this growing demand.

Birth and marriage certificates, diplomas and dissertations, business cards and contracts, resumes and computer games, medical and court records are a few examples of documents that need translation. Many times, document translation is needed that is certified and notarized for official use. Using certified translation services will save time and money getting any kind of document translated and having the assurance that the translation is accurate.

Why Certified Translation Services are Needed

Good translation services use human translators who know both target and source languages. Computer translation works well for personal translation of web articles and media, but is limited in what it can achieve. Word choice can be awkward or even misleading. A computer translator can not take into account the cultural context needed for the final document. Only human translators can add this touch. Translation services that use human translators can also get the certification required for the specific purpose needed for the final document.

Immigration agencies like USCIS require specialized certification of documents. Colleges, universities and private employers also frequently want certified documents. Companies that specialize in translation services have the legal experts on hand who can get this kind of certification and notarization done correctly and efficiently. They are familiar with the agencies and their requirements, and can produce the certified translation services that are needed for both businesses and individuals.