Court Interpreter Jobs

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Bilingual interpreters and translators serve to quickly and efficiently translate statements from one language into another. Those who hold court interpreter jobs may serve to translate Spanish into English or a sign language into a verbal one. They may be asked to translate written documents as well.

There are a number of different settings in which court interpreter jobs are necessary. A court interpreter will typically be responsible for translating an uncommon language into one that is common to a particular judicial court. Court translators may be held responsible for translating any verbal communications during actual court proceedings as well as for translating written documents into the official language of a particular court.

Usually, translators will answer to the supervisors in the court’s translation department. Besides being asked to translate oral and written communications, court interpreters are likely to be asked to do so in a manner that ensures court proceedings continue to run smoothly and effectively.

In addition to having a firm grasp of two or more languages, translators must familiarize themselves with the ethics and standards of court reporting, which differ from the standards of other translation jobs.

Court interpreters may serve to translate during court proceedings, hearings, interviews and a number of other judicial-type events. They may also be asked to translate a number of legal documents, including letters and government forms.

Many court translator positions require the applicant to hold a Bachelor’s degree, but it’s entirely more important that the applicant be completely fluent in the language of the court and the language that must be translated.

In addition to court positions, many translators work in hospitals, schools and conference centers.