Court Interpreter

How to Become a Court Interpreter

There are several different ways that one can work in the courts as an interpreter and one of the major factors in becoming an interpreter is the laws of the state. Some states require that interpreters in the court system possess state or national certification. Some states even require that the interpreter possess a court interpreter certification called the Specialist Certification: Legal (SC:L) offered by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) in order to work in the court system. Most interpreters working in the court system are certified by RID. The current certification from RID is called NIC (National Interpreter Certification), but previous certifications that are are still honored by RID include CI (Certified Interpreter)/CT (Certified Transliterator), NAD (National Association of the Deaf), (CSC) Comprehensive Skills Certificate, and IC (Interpretation Certificate)/TC (Transliteration Certificate). RID recommends that nationally certified interpreters working in the court system first attend legal workshops and read the legal sign language interpreting reference materials listed on the website in order to interpret properly in the court system.

What Court Interpreters Do

Court interpreter jobs include working in a wide variety of settings. Obviously, the most common setting is in a courtroom, but they can be used for other situations as well. Lawyers will use court interpreters during discussions with clients. Also, many certified court interpreters use their legal skills by interpreting in law enforcement settings in a situations such as an interrogation being done by a detective or a delivering of Miranda rights to a deaf person. Sometimes a court translator is needed to translate legal documents. Many court interpreters work in pairs in order to ensure accuracy of interpretation and to limit liability for any possible accusation of misinterpretation.

Where to Find a Court Interpreter

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