Educational Interpreter

Settings for Educational Interpreters

Educational interpreters work in a wide variety of settings. Many educational interpreters work full-time in school systems interpreting for one or more deaf students. Typically, each county has a deaf program in a particular elementary, middle, and high school which can allow for an interpreter to work with multiple deaf or hard of hearing students. Other educational settings for interpreters include higher education ranging from college to post-graduate level, and even to on-the-job-training.

Educational Interpreter Certification

For many interpreting in school systems, EIPA certification or higher will be required. EIPA or “Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment” is a certification particularly for interpreters working with students at the primary and secondary levels. The testing is developed by the Boys Town National Research Hospital in Nebraska. The test is divided up into two sections: a written knowledge test involving questions about both the interpreting field in general as well as the educational field specifically and a performance test gauging the interpreter’s skill level. During the performance exam interpreters have the option to interpreter for elementary or high school courses and students as well as the option to interpret into more English-based or ASL-based sign language. The test is score on a 0 to 5 scale. For the states that recognize the EIPA, most require at least a score of 3.5 on the test, though there are several states that only require a 3.0 and some that require a 4.0. Interpreters that get a score of 4.0 on the exam can receive certification status from RID. To learn more about the EIPA test or to sign up for testing you can visit their official website.

Where to Find an Educational Interpreter

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