English to ASL Translator

Online English to ASL Translator Tools

There are several tools and resources available for those looking for an English to ASL translator. Probably the most common tools are online dictionaries.

Handspeak is a great tool that allows you to not only look up what various English words mean in ASL, but also takes you through lessons that allow you to build your sign language knowledge in an organized fashion.

ASLpro is another good online resource and is unique in that it is organized into a main dictionary, religious dictionary, conversational phrases, and baby signs.

Signing Savvy is an excellent resource for looking up signs in addition to being a good news resource for stories involving sign language.

Print Online English to ASL Translator Resources

Another way to English to ASL translator resource would be a sign language dictionary, however, the online resources mentioned earlier are vastly superior to any resource in print because books are limited to two dimensional representations of signs while video better capture the three dimensional aspect of sign language. Print resources can be used with better success, though, if one attends a class to learn American Sign Language, seeing the sign actually performed, and then using the sign language dictionary to reinforce what one has already learned. The following are some of the current sign language dictionaries available:

American Sign Language Dictionary by Martin Sternberg

Talking with Your Hands, Listening With Your Eyes by Gabriel Grayson

Signing Made Easy by Rod Butterworth and Mickey Flodin


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