Government Interpreter

At A-Sign Interpreters we provide government interpreters for all kinds of government settings. If your government organization would like a free quote for interpreting services, please fill out an interpreter request form.

There are a variety of ways that a government interpreter can be beneficial in legislative and related operations. Below outlines just some of their most important functions.

International Negotiations

One of the most critical aspects of governmental interpreting is their role in ensuring that global leaders from varied linguistic backgrounds are able to communicate with each other. Without them, important international organizations such as the United Nations would not be functional. These professionals are relied upon to accurately convey the very key components of international public relations issues.

Simultaneous Government Interpreters

There are many situations in government that require simultaneous interpreting. Sometimes referred to as UN style interpretation, speech is immediately translated from source targets to real time language. This is usually more efficient than consecutive interpreting, where speakers wait while the interpreter translates each statement made.

Specific Government Interpreters

Interpreters for many different governments are located the world over. Many of their duties may be political, such as working with the Defense Department in Washington DC, or at UN conferences in staffing embassies or The Hague.

Government Official Assistance

There are occasions that government interpreters are called upon for UN style services that involve accompanying an official or country representative. Many of these types of trips involve facilitating roundtable discussions between the country of origin and members of the citizenry.

In those kinds of circumstances, it may not seem as though it would be critical to have a government interpreter on hand, but there are political repercussions when opportunities to deepen and strengthen ties with other regions are ignored. Thus, the governmental interpreter’s skills are routinely utilized to facilitate both political and cultural connections.