Hearing Impaired Interpreter

What is a hearing impaired interpreter?

“Hearing impaired interpreter” can mean a couple of different things. It can refer to an interpreter who is actually deaf or it can refer to a hearing interpreter who interprets between hearing and deaf people. Most people are unaware that deaf people can actually be interpreters, however, they are vital for certain situations. A deaf interpreter certified by RID is referred to as a CDI (certified deaf interpreter). Typically, a deaf interpreter is used to interpret for either a deaf person with minimal language skills or a deaf person from another country who uses a different mode of sign language. A CDI has the unique ability and training necessary to communicate to other deaf people via non-standard signs, gesturing, and drawing in order to make communication take place. When a deaf interpreter is required there will also be a hearing sign language interpreter present. Communication will take place as follows: the hearing client will speak to the hearing sign language interpreter who will interpret to the deaf interpreter who will interpret to the deaf client.

In what settings are hearing impaired interpreters required?

Sign language interpreters, hearing people who interpret between deaf and hearing people, are used in many different settings. They include the educational, medical, legal, government, and other business settings. Within each setting a wide variety of different settings can be faced. For example, within the legal setting, interpreters can be used for things from police interrogations to depositions to extensive trials. Deaf interpreters also interpret in a wide variety of settings. Often deaf interpreters are used in legal settings, because of how vital it is to make sure that no misunderstandings take place.

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