Interpreter for the Deaf

What is an interpreter for the deaf?

An interpreter for the deaf (commonly referred to as a sign language interpreter) is one who interprets between a deaf or hard of hearing person who uses American Sign Language (ASL) and a hearing person who speaks English. Interpreters for the deaf interpret in  a wide variety of settings and undergo training in order to become experts at their craft. Some of the most common settings include the educational, business, legal, government, medical, and video relay service settings.

How can I become an interpreter for the deaf?

Many people desire to become interpreters after meeting a deaf person or taking a sign language class. There are many ways to become an interpreter, but the most common way is by attending a community college or university and enrolling in an Interpreter Training Program (ITP) for an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. Depending on the state, there are varying requirements to work as an interpreter there. Some states require that an interpreter for the deaf receive national certification from RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), which currently requires that an interpreter who would like to possess certification with this body possess a bachelor’s degree. However, many states offer a Quality Assurance (QA) screening, which typically does not require that the interpreter possess a college degree in order to be certified. Also, many interpreters who wish to work in the educational field get EIPA ¬†certification in order to interpret in the K-12 setting.

Where can I find an interpreter for the deaf?

If you are looking for an interpreter for the deaf for your business or organization, here at A-Sign Interpreters we provide sign language interpreters for all kinds of settings and would be happy to provide an interpreter for you. Please fill out the contact form below in order to receive a free quote.

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