Interpreter Services

Interpreting Services We Offer

At A-Sign Interpreters we offer sign language interpreter services for those with a wide variety of needs. Our most common interpreter services are medical, legal, education, government, and business interpreting services. In the medical field field we can meet a wide variety of needs. Whether it be for a doctor’s appointment or for a hospital visit, we can provide a medical intepreter to meet your healthcare communication needs. In the legal field we provide interpretation services for lawyers needing to consult with clients, for courtrooms that need interpreters, and for law enforcement settings such as police interrogations. Our legal interpreting services will always ensure that we are providing interpreters that are meeting the legal requirements for certification that are set by each state. In the educational field we provide interpreting services for education at any level. Whether it be for a preschool or a PhD program, we will find an interpreter with the skills and experience necessary to interpret at your educational institution. We also provide interpreting services for all kinds of businesses that need interpreters for their employees and customers.

Benefits of Our Interpreter Services

Finding an interpreter can be quite a hassle, particularly as each state has different laws that set different interpreter certification standards to work in particular settings. Scheduling an interpreter can be quite a hassle for many organizations who may be frustrated by finally finding an interpreter, only to have that interpreter cancel, leaving the organization to scramble to find someone else. At A-Sign Interpreters we remove the strain in finding and securing an interpreter. We have a nationwide network of certified sign language interpreters. If your organization is currently looking for an interpreter for an immediate or future need do not hesitate in filling out an interpreter request form or giving us a call to request a quote.