Language Interpreter

There are many ways to make use of your gift for language learning. One of the most exciting choices is the role of language interpreter. There are many settings in which you can put your second language to use, some right at home and some overseas. As the demand for professional interpreters grows, it’s important to recognize those factors affecting your ability to find employment in the field.

In any setting in which your second language is used, your ability to interpret has potential to be a source of employment. You will find that some languages are in high demand in specific areas, but there are other languages that are spread out. Your ability to interpret may lead to interesting opportunities for travel and exploration of the world simply because you have that ability to communicate effectively.

Some of the more prevalent positions for a language interpreter are in service industries. Customer service is often limited to the language of a nation, but your ability to interpret makes it possible for you to serve those unable to speak that mainstream language. The health care industry is another important area that provides such opportunities. Law enforcement and legal settings can require the availability of interpreters. Tourism is an especially exciting area of opportunity for the bilingual individual. Diplomacy is another.

The job of language interpreter isn’t limited to spoken language. Sign language is an important need, and your ability to understand and communicate in sign language is beneficial in many service related fields. Spanish is an important area of need due to the high number of individuals who speak the language. It’s important to assess your interests and abilities as you think about possible job opportunities.