Medical Interpreter Jobs

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Overview of Medical Interpreter Jobs

The lives of those involved in medical interpreter jobs are very fast-paced compared to those of regular translators. There is less handling of documents needing exact translation; however, a medical interpreter often works on the floor with doctors and patients in the hospital in real time by creating a bridge between any language barrier that might be present. The job requires the interpreter to be bilingual, possessing a deep knowledge of specialized medical vocabulary across the native and target language, as well as quick, clear thinking in order to allow all the parties involved to be understood.

Most commonly, a medical interpreter will act as the conduit of communication between the patient and doctor in the examination room. Because of the nature of the medical field, an interpreter’s clarity can greatly assist a doctor’s diagnosis. Interpreters often find themselves occupied with various tasks including, but not limited to: explaining a doctor’s diagnosis, explaining procedure, interpreting medical charts, and conveying a patient’s further needs.

More rarely, a medical interpreter may be found accompanying doctors and nurses to impoverished areas of the world that are lacking in medical care. An interpreter would then be required to aid in the relief effort, explaining to the local populous where they can receive medical treatment as well as continuing with the more typical work they would undertake in normal hospital conditions.

Qualifications for Medical Interpreter Jobs

Individuals pursuing medical interpreter jobs are generally required to have at least a four year degree along with a certification of further specialized training relative to the medical field. It is imperative that an interpreter be accurate so that both the patient and doctor understand one another, because any error in communication could be a matter of life or death.