Medical Translator

At A-Sign Interpreters we provide medical translators for all kinds of medical settings. If your business needs a medical translator please filled out a request form.

What Is a Medical Translator?

The explosion of information in the pharmaceutical and medical fields has created a need for strong scholars of medical information. These professionals are known as medical translators. They specialize in synthesize large volumes of information and dispensing it to doctors or laypeople.

Where Does a Medical Translator Work?

A professional medical translator will be able to find work in a variety of settings. Typically, they are employed as medical writers for contract research organizations or pharmaceutical companies. Here, they apply knowledge of complex subjects in order to educate their target audiences. Some translators can even work on a freelance basis once they have gained sufficient skill. Working from home, they develop client relationships with large companies and hospitals.

What Kinds of Certification Can Medical Translators Gain?

Medical translators have a number of different credentials they can obtain. These include different kinds of education and certifications. Many writers in the medical field have at least a Bachelors of Science in a relevant field such as biology or chemistry. A terminal degree can help distinguish job candidates, as well. Official certifications can further show commitment to the medical interpretation field. For example, the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters has a program designed to educate and recognize promising medical translators. Native English speakers can apply at any education level to take the written exam for certification. This tests knowledge of medical terminology and specialties, ethics, and standards of practice.

Translators can also gain credentials in medical writing through the American Medical Writers Association. This group offers certificates in five different subjects. These include general writing skills, business, medical composition, science and medicine concepts, and regulatory and research practices.The growing field of medical writers and translators has attracted many new faces over the past decade. It is more important than ever to gain a strong educational and certified background in order to become competitive as a newcomer.