National Interpreter Certification

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) offers certification for interpreters. National interpreter certification demonstrates the candidate is knowledgeable in three knowledge areas: General knowledge, ethical decision-making and interpreting skills. To earn the certificate candidates must pass all three areas.

The first test is multiple choice and tests the candidates general knowledge of sign language. The second test examines the candidate for ethics and job performance using an interview and a performance evaluation. Video is used to record the interview and performance for evaluation.

There are certain requirements to meet before take the national interpreter certification test. Candidates must be eighteen. They cannot be deaf. The exam was designed for interpreters who can hear. Before taking the test the candidate must register either a bachelors degree or an Educational Equivalency Application in his/her RID account. All candidates must provide educational information even if they are already RID certified.

Once all other requirements are met the candidate is required to pass the NIC Knowledge Examination before taking the NIC Interview and Performance Examination. The exams will both be passed within five years or the candidate restarts the certification process.

To take the Knowledge exam you can either print out the NIC Knowledge Exam application and send it in with your payment or create and/or log into your RID account and go to the Testing and CEU section. Click on “Register for a Test.” Fill out the application and make your payment using MasterCard or Visa.

To take the Interview and Performance Exam follow the same steps as for the Knowledge exam, but select the Interview and Performance Examination.