Sign Language Interpreter Jobs

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Settings for Those Looking for Sign Language Interpreter Jobs

Local, state and federal government agencies often post sign language interpreter jobs. Interpreters are needed to work in vocational rehabilitation agencies. Clients for these agencies are sometimes deaf or hard of hearing and need the assistance of interpreters. Social services and mental health facilities also need interpreters to help them communicate with their clients.

Police departments and courts hire interpreters. When deaf people are arrested or have to appear in court, interpreters are needed to help everyone communicate.

Sign language interpreters are an important communication tool for deaf people at doctor’s offices and hospital visits, as it is very important that the information be properly communicated.

In order to get jobs with mental health, social services, medical offices, the police department or other agencies, an interpreter may need knowledge of the field. For instance, to get a job with mental health, an interpreter will need to have some training or experience in that area. One way experience can be gained is by volunteering at businesses to learn more about what they do.

Interpreters can get jobs in the travel and tourism business. They may work in amusement parks, hotels or museums to help hearing impaired travelers communicate with others.

Interpreter agencies provide interpreting services to both business and individuals. These agencies use freelancers who go out and serve as interpreters for others.

Many sign language interpreter jobs are freelance positions. Businesses may need an interpreter for a specific event rather than an ongoing basis. Interpreters who wish to work as freelancers can register with databases to be contacted when jobs become available.