Sign Language Interpreter

What is a sign language interpreter?

A professional sign language interpreter works in the field of communication and facilitates communication between deaf and hearing people. Most sign language interpreters in America interpret between American Sign Language and English. In addition to having to working between two languages, sign language interpretation includes working between different cultures as well because the Deaf and hearing cultures are quite distinct. Many sign language interpreters obtain college degrees at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s level in their profession in Interpreter Training Programs. The kinds of sign language interpreter certification range from those at the national level from RID, to the state level, to particular sub-fields such as the SC:L (legal) and EIPA (educational). Sign language interpreting as a profession has been bolstered by legislation in the past forty years from the Individual with Disabilities Education Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sign language interpreter jobs include work in a wide variety of settings that include the medical, legal, educational, government, business, and video relay service fields. As sign language interpreting is a relatively new as a profession and there are strict legal requirements on many organizations to provide interpreting services, the supply of certified sign language interpreters in America struggles to meet the demand.

How can I get a sign language interpreter for my business or organization?

At A-Sign Interpreters we specialize in providing sign language interpreting services for all kinds of organizations needing sign language interpreters (sign language translator). Some of the most common settings we work in include the medical, legal, educational, government, and business fields. For example, if your business needs a corporate sign language interpreter for a business meeting, we can send one to your location to make sure that will make sure communication takes place between all parties. If your organization needs an American Sign Language interpreter or multiple sign language interpreters for a short or long term situation we can met your need with qualified interpreters who will make communication a breeze for you and your clients. There are several ways to contact us to request a sign language interpreter. You can call us at (770) 655-2116 to request a free quote from us. You can also e-mail us at For your convenience, we have also included a quick contact form below to make a request.

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