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Sign Language Translator Resources

If you are looking for something to sign language translator resource, you have several options online. Three of the best online dictionaries are Handspeak, ASL Pro, and Signing Savvy. These resources include not only include translations for individual words into American Sign Language, but also have structured lessons for those who would like to begin learning sign language. There are also several good sign language dictionaries available today, though it is recommended to use dictionaries as a supplement and not a primary resource for learning sign language.

Sign Language Translators (Interpreters)

Sign language translators (or sign language interpreters as they are normally called) are individuals that facilitate communication between hearing and deaf individuals. Sign language translators work in a multitude of settings. The most common settings include the medical, legal, educational, video relay service, government, and business fields. Many interpreters practicing in the United States are certified at the national, state, or educational levels. Most people become sign language interpreters by going to a college interpreter training program, being taught sign language by deaf people, or are CODAs (child of a deaf adult). The requirements to be a sign language translator vary from state to state ranging from some states having no certification requirements for interpreters to work in any setting to some states requiring interpreters to be nationally certified to work in any setting. To learn more about sign language interpreting visit the RID website.


How to Find a Sign Language Translator (Interpreter)

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