Translate ASL

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The Need to Translate ASL

American Sign Language (ASL) is a language used not only by the deaf community, but by parents of special needs children, parents who have young infants that cannot speak yet, and even in communities of elderly persons. ASL is a wonderful language that offers many benefits and is a language that anyone can learn to use fluently.

If you’re interested in learning to sign or you have a friend that signs, you’ll quickly learn that it sometimes can be tricky to translate ASL. Everyone signs a little differently, so determining what another person is signing to you can sometimes be a challenge. In the same way that people from different states and backgrounds have different accents, sometimes people from different areas also sign words and phrases a little differently than their counterparts.

Resources to Translate ASL

One way you can learn to translate ASL is through an online dictionary. Online dictionary websites list letters, words, and phrases in sign language and enable you to look up a word by its English meaning. Once you find the word you’re looking for, a video clip will play that demonstrates how to use the sign correctly. Practice a few times and you’ll quickly learn how to sign the word well.

Another way to find the meanings of ASL words or to determine how to sign a word in ASL is to use sign language websites. Sign language websites offer step-by-step photo instructions that demonstrate how to perform a certain sign. Unlike a video, a picture offers more precise demonstration of how to perform a sign.

The final way you can find out ASL words is through an ASL dictionary. You can pick up an ASL dictionary at any college bookstore and at most libraries. ASL dictionaries will give you a thorough understanding and explanation of commonly used words.