Translate Sign Language

A-Sign Interpreters is a sign language interpreting agency. If you or your organization needs a sign language interpreter to translate sign language, please fill out an interpreter request form.

There are three excellent online sources available to those who wish to learn how to translate sign language. To translate sign language in a professional setting, potential applicants must prove adept in both understanding and effectively communicating it. Websites Life Print, Signing Savvy and ASL Pro provide free information for anyone interested in becoming an expert in American Sign Language.

Best Online Tools to Translate Sign Language, the website of the American Sign Language University, provides users with free lessons and 100 of the most commonly used signs. By putting in the proper amount of practice time, learners can pick up on correct grammar, as well as the historical and cultural aspects of the language. allows visitors to view a number of videos without descriptions, but a subscription payment is required for a deeper learning experience. Many students report that this is payment well spent. The site offers an ASL dictionary featuring “several thousand high resolution videos, fingerspelled words, and other signs used within the United States and Canada.” Subscribers are able to create their own word lists and share them with other students. Quizzes and flash cards are also made available to students. requests that users make a small donation to the site, but the website was originally intended to be a free online resource for anyone interested in learning the language. It supplies students with a video dictionary, cut up into main, religious and conversational sections. As students begin to pick up on the language, they can take quizzes to verify their knowledge.

As with learning any language, it’s important to regularly practice using sign language. It may be difficult at first, but with time sign language will seem to come naturally to you!