Translator Jobs

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Translator Jobs: An Introduction

Professional translators can find translator jobs in a variety of settings. A common way of breaking into the field of translation is by seeking employment with a translation service. Translation services employ a vast field of translators who are assigned particular jobs. An advantage to working for a translation service is that there is a dependable amount of work available; the translator does not have to seek out his or her clients. Since the translator is an employee of someone else, he or she can get experience without having to handle the business side of the job.

Typically translator jobs are done in an office environment, and often the translator works from home. The majority of these translators work freelance and can set their own hours. They must make an effort to seek out new clients and keep up with old ones in order to secure a consistent flow of jobs. However, once a list of clients is well established, the freelance translator can enjoy the benefits of being his or her own boss, which include only choosing projects that are interesting to the translator or ones that will pay well. Freelance translators are in essence running their own business and thus are responsible for keeping records for tax purposes.

Full-time Translator Jobs

Some translators work in-house for corporations or organizations and keep traditional business hours. Companies that employ in-house translators typically have a high volume of translation work. Some examples of these employers are government organizations, international businesses, financial institutions, and certain law offices. Translators may work together as a team to complete major jobs, though most frequently they will work alone.