Where We Interpret

Medical Interpreter

Our sign language interpreter agency provides medical interpreters for many aspects of the medical arena. Whether it be for a simple doctor’s appointment or a need for a hospital interpreter for a complex surgery, we can provide an ASL interpreter for you. We ensure that your interpreterĀ has the proper certification and training necessary to do the assignment and provide a wonderful interpreting experience for your organization.

Educational Interpreter

As one of the largest fields of sign language interpreting, we provide interpreters for all levels of education. Whether it be a sign language interpreter for an elementary school or a graduate level college interpreter, our interpreter agency can provide an educational interpreter for you. We ensure that each ASL interpreter we place in educational settings has had the proper training and certification requisite to interpret the assignment in your area.

Legal Interpreter

Legal interpreters are very important for protecting the rights of deaf citizens in the judicial system. Our interpreter agency provides qualified, certified interpreters for all aspects of legal interpreting. In law enforcement, whether it be for a reading of the Miranda Rights or for a police interrogation we can provide a certified interpreter to ensure that communication will take place. We also provide certified sign language interpretersĀ for deaf and hard of hearing people who need a court interpreter, such as when a deaf person is a plaintiff, defendant, or on a jury.

Business Interpreter

At A-Sign Interpreters we realize that there is a high demand for sign language interpreters to interpret in various business settings. From job training to orientation to regular job meetings, we can provide an ASL interpreter for you. Our sign language interpreter agency also provides interpreters (translators) during the hiring process whether it be for assistance with a job application or needing an interpreter for a job interview.

Government Interpreter

We also provide ASL interpreters for various government settings, whether it be for a public access meeting in which deaf people are present or for a deaf person that is using a particular service from the government, our interpreting agency can meet your interpreting needs.